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Crystal Walbrow(Creed) (X-Men)
14 February
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Crystal is an X-Men OC from Wolverine Origins. Some comic influence has been added in regards to her cousin Daken and cloned aunt X-23. Both mun and muse are over 18. Crystal is under continuous development and more information can be found with the links below.

Crystal Walbrow Little Tiger
Crystal was born in a remote facility, and raised by Margery Walbrowmilitarymomlove, who is her natural birth mother. She is spoiled and the In Vitro child of one Victor Creed (Sabertooth). She lives in Louisiana where she is a student and works as a waitress. She's horribly protective of people she cares about and the few people she cares about are slowly dwindling. She was never aware of her background until a Doctor who helped create her appeared in her life. Since then Crystal has been discovering what happens when your little glass house has rocks thrown at it. Needless to say, she isn't enjoying it much. Crystal has a horrible case of foot in mouth disease and will say exactly what she thinks because she always has been. She likes and accepts her powers, but like most girls she does tend to wonder what's wrong with her and question her looks when left to think too much. Because of her exposure to other people and mutants she has started to become excessively defensive and self conscious about her obvious mutations. She does miss being treated like the little Princess her mother always treated her like, but knows that she needs this to grow. But she doesn't like it at all. In anyway.
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